Close to nature and sustainable - our philosophy at Chalet Marlene

With the construction of the Chalet Marlene on a 4,000 m² plot in St. Vigil in Enneberg, we have tried to take a sustainable path that is in harmony with nature. The word "chalet" means "a wooden house", which is literally the case. Living in a wooden house has a special feel-good character. That's why we deliberately used 100% natural materials when it was built: wood, clay, milled newsprint insulation, untreated solid wood furniture and larch wood floors. A power switch in each apartment ensures a restful sleep in an electrosmog-free environment. There is intentionally no WiFi in the apartments. This is available in the common rooms.

Garden and swimming pond in natural serenity

In our garden, there are only native shrubs, trees and fruit trees, also many meadow flowers. Around the house there are many edible plants and a herb garden, which is also available to our guests. Different-colored water lilies and many other aquatic plants contribute to the purification of the natural swiming pond. In addition, it is still pumped through a filter and a small pond, so it is always in motion and enriched with oxygen. A variety of aquatic animals and insects, e.g. the royal dragonfly, find an ideal habitat in our bathing pond and the surrounding plant area.

Intensive use of inexhaustible natural resources

To irrigate the garden, we collect the rainwater from our roofs. On this roof there is also a solar collector system attached, which supports the hot water production for the house. And with the power generation of the photovoltaic system on the car parkings roof, we cover the annual power consumption of the entire house.