Marlene Zingerle

People's well-being is our focus at Chalet Marlene. That is why I want to introduce myself to you here, person to person, as the person the chalet is named after. This way you can get to know me a bit before your stay and thus feel the spirit of our house.

I live in San Vigilio di Marebbe with my husband Pepi and we are the parents of three grown-up sons. I've been working in adult education for over 20 years. I lead physiotherapy courses focusing on spine training in conjunction with exercises from the Dorn method.
As an ELE Holistic Counsellor, nowadays I support people with their holistic development on the level of body, mind, soul, and consciousness. I help them discover the answers to their questions - answers that already exist within each of us - in order to create new images of strength for a fulfilled and self-determined life of harmony and love.

My calling
I was in a very difficult life situation for many years. I was brought out of this very distressing state by fervent prayers, which were answered and which led me in wondrous new directions. I learned various methods and approaches that led me step-by-step back to a fulfilled life of personal responsibility and harmony. When I realised that my situation had changed fundamentally, that I felt connected with life again, I felt a deep gratitude and at the same time, I felt a clear calling to pass all this new holistic knowledge and my direct experiences on to other people.

My central training courses

- Holistic Counsellor and ELE Coach
I was able to bring the numerous training courses I had taken over the past few years together at Dr. Eleonora Brugger and Dr. Paul Kircher's ELE Institute under the vocational profile of ELE Coach and Holistic Counsellor. I am deeply grateful to these two outstanding teachers.

- Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi®
In 2016, I obtained my license to pass on the teachings of Grigori Grabovoi® (direct license from Grigori Grabovoi and Carola Sarrasin from the Thailand Project) and may now pass on this holistic knowledge aimed at the well-being of ALL.

I am registered in the SIAF professional register under no. TR561-CO Freelancer in accordance with law 4/2013.

Marlene Zingerle
Holistic Counsellor – ELE Coach – Teacher of the Grabovoi Method
Freelancer in accordance with law 4/2013

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I am happy to be there for you – as your host at Chalet Marlene, as a course and seminar leader and for you personally as a dedicated Holistic Counsellor.