Find yourself while on holiday

Set out on your path and connect with your roots. The Arve Centre offers the chance to do this in a one-week program on the topic:

"On the path to my SELF"

This path to your roots begins
  • with an empathetic and consciousness-expanding ELE Coaching / Counselling meeting and leads you further using
  • effective instructions on how to achieve conscious awareness of your body using self-help and specific spine exercises
  • once a week, we organise a themed lecture "On the path to my SELF"
  • meditative walks in our mountains and oxygen-rich forests or on the adventure trail around San Vigilio round off the programme on the path to self-discovery.

Several times a year in the Arve Centre at Chalet Marlene, we organise seminars based on the teachings of GRIGORI GRABOVOI®'s on the subject:
"Controlling reality and harmonious development of the inner and outer world", the Russian methods as effective technologies to restore psycho-physical well-being and control reality with the aid of consciousness, developed by Grigori Grabovoi®